This is our decision to live fast and die young.

I am sick, tired and everything hurts.  I haven't gone to school since Tuesday because of it.
Now I am taking medications, but they are not so bad as they might seem. 
I've already watched 'Gossip girl' and I must admit this was a really good episode. The end was unpredictable and I can't wait to see the next episode ( but it will be  in January ): )
Emma's already eaten my english homework so a lot of work is waiting for me today. 
Yesterday I had a lot of fun when Emma jumped on my bed for an hour. It was so cute and I forgot about my health problems for some times. I don't know when but we fell asleep in my bed together. I am so glad that I didn't hurt her. Now she is sleeping on the floor so I try to be quiet. I am looking for  cheep reel to diana f + on the internet, because I'm in love in this kind of pictures. And I think it's sad to be sick on weekend, today my all friends are going to the Santa Claus party to club and they will have a great time. I will  play with Emma and watch a lot of films, i guess so it's not fair.

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  1. I love cameras like the one in the first pictures, they're so great! And I'm sorry for you to be ill, I hope, you're getting better soon.

  2. Thanks for your compliment, but I'm sure it will suit to you as well! ;)

    I hope you feeling better soon!

    Oh and your bunny is so cute! :) Does she have a bunnyfriend?


  3. beautiful pictures :)

    hope you're feeling better already^^

  4. what a nice blog and such a nice tea cup ! lovely :) thanks for your nice comment :)