Mother's Day

Todays is Mother's day so this is my lovely mum and i think she is the best mother in the world. Almost   every child thinks this way about its mother so it's nothing new. I am cleaning my room right now and i am going to buy present for my mum when I finished. I wanna buy her the most beautiful flowers and lovely cup because she is in love with little cups. Oh, and I have a lots of homeworks and exams so i have to start learning. Only one month and we'll start HOLIDAY. 

I hope your mums are happy right now. Have a nice Mother's day (:


they would have liked me, 'cause sometimes i'm funny

Today my little brother, my bunny and I are in our garden, because the weather is nice. We are sitting on the grass and doing some funny things. My brother is the funniest person ever. He is wearing funny clothes and saying funny words. But sometimes I think my brother is smarter than me, now he is teaching me all capitals in the world because I'll have exam tomorrow. It's weird, he's only nine, but he knows everything. I'm proud of him, haha. And my bunny makes me happy, because she's doing something with her tail and this looks so cute. I had a lovely weekend. I visited my old friend and talking about everything with her, my another friend had 18 birthday so I went to the party and walked around the lake. 

Pictures were taken with webcam so it's not the best quality. 
And we have silly caps, i know (:


I am going to meet my friends. We we're doing our biology homework and drinking. It's not the best connection, i know. And i am in love with my new top. Maybe it's a little bit slutty, but I like it. 

 Have a nice evening !


Cause The Heart Never Lies

Something in my head pretend to be my friend
importunate companion, who destroys everything good in me
just as water extinguishes a fire, so it wipes away my soul.
Little monster with pretty face, perfect skin and lovely voice
 who loves me to death in its possessive way 
I want you out of my head, but you are my friend.
The more I hate you, the more I want be with you
so please , leave me alone and then come back. 

I didn't sleep all night, I am sick and tired. Lots of thoughts in my head are killing me slowly. I tried to write something, but it's not good enough. 
I have some new applications in my phone so I use them in every way. Haha. Pictures were taken with my phone and I love the first one. Now I am going to watch some series.


Don’t let yourself fall down.

I've come back home already from a little trip with my friends. I was in a small town situated at the lake. 
This place has something magical in it. It's not a beautiful place with beautiful buildings, pretty parks and
a big shop centre. There are old ruins, small lakes with small piers, spaces for campfire, forest and cycling routes. It's perfect place to rest and think. I rode a bike, read a book, cooked, watched some silly movies and walked a lot. I was little sad lately so this was escape from reality. I made some difficult decisions and   tried to relax as best as possible. Even though i liked that place, i'm glad i'm back in my soft bed, with my bunny and family. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, it's a pity.