So I had done wrong but you put me right

I found these old pics on my computer - i look happy on it and i like this dress so much. I watched 2 movies lately - ' Brave ' and ' Dark Shadows '. I love 'Brave', cause it was so funny. Today i am going to sign up for the driving exam and buy present for my friend for her 18 birthday. And i'm going to the cinema in the evening to see 'Yuma' - polish movie with very handsome actor, oh i can't wait. 
My dad bought me The Hunger games trilogy and i am really happy cause i love these books. 


You could be a hero - you might save a life

I cuddle strangers, i'm so weird. Today was really odd day. 
 Tomorrow my friend and  i are going to see ' Brave ' and i'm pretty excited. I have a lot of books and movies borrowed from my friends but i didn't have time for it. I was busy lately, everything was a little bit complicated, but now is ok and i can have time for people i love and me. My friend and I wanna go to Cracow - probably the most beautiful city in Poland and it's a shame but i've never been there. It's time for change (: And my family want to go Barcelona so maybe my holidays won't be as boring as i thought. 


And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain.

You know that feeling when you stare at someone's sad eyes and feel all his pain ? I've never thought i would see my older brother with sad eyes. He is this kind of person who is a lucky beggar and has laughing eyes all the time. But not today, today is different. Today is the first day when his eyes are full of sorrow. He is 24 years old and i've never seen him in this state before. And the only thing i could offer him was hug, but this nothing had changed. I don't understand world, really don't. I hate to see like someone i love suffer. I always feel guilty, even though i know it isn't my fault. 


'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,

Once upon a time there was a little sad girl who can find beauty in everything except herself. She liked wildflowers, rainy days, people with freckles, vintage scooters, boys with long hair, grandma's dresses, old books from dusty bookshelf, small wooden huts, messy hair, rusty jewelry, funny hats, cracked, lonely lips and eyes that saw everything. She always smiled at people to make their day better than her's day. She felt so lonely and she thought she deserved it. She was slowly dying with all her grief with hope for better tomorrow. However, she decided to fight with her weaknesses, fight for happinnes. She was fighting with monster in her had every day, she has never won, cause it's not easy to fight alone when you're just a little girl. She met a boy, lovely silly boy who loved silly things and he really liked her. He taught her laugh and enjoy life. Even though he was haggard, he exterminated the monster who was living in her head. Now she knows that she deserves happiness, everyone deserves it. 

Just a little tale for lonely souls, who need a helping hand. People (love) is the key of happiness. Remember that.  


Posters hung on building walls

Today my parents, my little brother and i organised a long distance bicycle tour. We did the 100 km and i am really tired, but it was worth it. I love cycling and watching the sky, clouds, green trees, animals and tired people. I feel closer to nature when i ride my bike. This day was wonderful, the weather was perfect for bicycle trip. It was sunny, but not too hot. I don't like sundays but this one was just lovely. Now i am going to reading ' The Book Thief ' which i love. And then i'll take a shower and go sleep, because i'm out of energy. 


So, is this the end for us my friend?

I came back from Bulgaria a few days ago.  I think they were the best 7 days of my entire life. Finally I felt that i am alive. I met a lot of boys who make me happy all day and all night. I didn't sleep, we just had fun all the time. Now i miss my german friends, even you Jonathan ( this kind of guys who is drunk all the time and say to girls ' i can be your breakfast, and if you don't eat breakfast i can be your lunch') . I'll never forget those lovely days. 

Now i am a little bit sad ans sick. I am reading a great book ' The Book Thief ' and you have to read this, this book is the prettiest novel  ever.