So, is this the end for us my friend?

I came back from Bulgaria a few days ago.  I think they were the best 7 days of my entire life. Finally I felt that i am alive. I met a lot of boys who make me happy all day and all night. I didn't sleep, we just had fun all the time. Now i miss my german friends, even you Jonathan ( this kind of guys who is drunk all the time and say to girls ' i can be your breakfast, and if you don't eat breakfast i can be your lunch') . I'll never forget those lovely days. 

Now i am a little bit sad ans sick. I am reading a great book ' The Book Thief ' and you have to read this, this book is the prettiest novel  ever. 

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  1. Hey your blog is really nice! :)

    Your comment on my blog makes me really happy and of course your question isn't a problem! I'm really glad, that you get interested in vegetarism :) I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years until I decided to be vegan. This was half a year ago ... I know many websites, information material, books etc. but most of them are in German. But I'll take a look at my stored links and will leave a comment with the them then, ok? Just give me a little time ;)

    Nice to read, that you had a great time in Bulgaria! But there will still be so many wonderful days ;) I'm a little sad currently too, but we will already survive this ;) until the sun is shining for us again.

    Greetings from sunny Vienna!

  2. Hey,

    as I promised, here are links to websites about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle :) There is more about veganism on these sites (I'm sorry) but unfortunately I hardly know sites only about vegetarism :/ I asked my vegan friends too and so here are very interesting sites all around this topic, with many tips and recipes as well as information material ;) hope there is something interesting for you!

    You said, that you didn't feel well with the vegetarian diet. I think the reason could be, that you maybe ate to many diary products? Because sometimes vegetarians start to eat many sweets and diary products like milk, cheese etc. which are also not really good for your health :( I advise to eat more fresh vegetables and fruit together with good carbohydrates, which you'll find in rice, couscous, millet etc. and of course protein from legumes/soya/tofu etc.

    Just try them out! ;) Vegetarian/vegan food can be so yummy, if you just dare to try new things ;)

    If you need any help, advices or something else, you can contact me whenever you want! ;)


    And I can also recommend (the very funny written book :) "Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, two successful women from the USA. They have a website too! :)


    Ok but now it's enough I think :D

    Wish you a wonderful day! ;)

  3. Your blog has a vintage feel, I think. :-)


  4. Wow, thanks for your kind words ... I really feel flattered :)

    I really hope, that this time everything work better! Would really like to be kept up-to-date ;)


  5. Thanks for your sweet comment! Your blog is so lovely!