It's the wrong kind of place to be cheating on you

Yesterday I went shopping and I bought keds, sweater and bag. I'm so happy with these things. Haha. 
Today I'm meeting with my friend and I'm so excited, because I  have not seen her for a long time. 

In the pictures you can see my school friends. Photos were made in Italy, on school trip.

And balloon from disneyland <3


I find shelter in this way...

I have to write an essay on English, I am so tired and I prefer listen to music, cuddle to Emma and rest.  I can't wait for Christmas. I love these cute little trinkets, bows, onrnaments, candles etc. 
Christmas really make me happy. But for now I have a lot of work in school so I have to survive. 
Emma is eating my chair ( she eats everything...)


Tomorrow is today

Yesterday was Independence day of Poland so almost everything was closed. My friend and I walked around the city and visited restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops etc.  It was really funny day, but the weather was so ugly. Now I feel a little sick. Emma learned to jump on my bed which is very high. And.. she do this all the time. Haha. It's really annoying when she runs around my keybord.


(not) lazy Saturday

In the third picture you can see my new friend - Emma. She is really funny, fast and weird bunny, 
but I love her very much. She's so cute even she is naughty.

I have a lot of homeworks and I have to learn a lot of silly things. So this weekend won't be so funny.
I hope your weekend will be better ! 

Oh and if I had a brain, Oh and if I had a brain
I'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fool