I find shelter in this way...

I have to write an essay on English, I am so tired and I prefer listen to music, cuddle to Emma and rest.  I can't wait for Christmas. I love these cute little trinkets, bows, onrnaments, candles etc. 
Christmas really make me happy. But for now I have a lot of work in school so I have to survive. 
Emma is eating my chair ( she eats everything...)

6 komentarzy:

  1. it s from beiju brigitte ;)
    wow the photos are very pretty!

  2. aww, thanks! :o
    i like ur photos and u have lovely style! ♥

  3. They call me Emma too! All bunny's should be could Emma in my opinion.

    And the pictures are lovely! I really like the second one, your face is just so pure in it.

  4. thank you so much :) You're gorgeous by the way :) Post more! :D