It's the wrong kind of place to be cheating on you

Yesterday I went shopping and I bought keds, sweater and bag. I'm so happy with these things. Haha. 
Today I'm meeting with my friend and I'm so excited, because I  have not seen her for a long time. 

In the pictures you can see my school friends. Photos were made in Italy, on school trip.

And balloon from disneyland <3

4 komentarze:

  1. Oh, I want to Disneyland too ♥ one of my dreams....maybe someday it comes true!

  2. thank you (:
    you have a pretty blog, you're pictures and you are beautiful! <3

  3. I've seen that balloon too!
    Your pictures are nice!

  4. thank u very much <3 i want to go there too : ))