random pictures taken with phone

Ania's playing on the playground, we really love this swing

my childhood friend and six year old me on the super soft dog which i got from my neighbor

me in our garden, it was really hot and i miss this weather 

flowers which i give my mother on the Mother's Day

Ania's dog which is so cuuuute


We are the ones who make a brighter day

I just found this funny application on my computer so i decided to do this, haha. My friends and I - these pictures are just lovely. It's not the best quality and we don't look like top models but this is beautiful, it's real. I think i should more often take pictures when i am with my friends, cause picture with people who make you happy are the best memories ever. 

Now i try to sleep, i am going to school scarcely on Friday only for my school certificate (:
We do nothing interesting at school so i decided to sleep at home for 3 days. I'm joking, ofc. 
I have a few things to do so i won't be a lazybones. 

So now i'm off to sleep, goodnight <3


You took my hand, you added a plan

Today i was in school shorter than i should. I'm pretty good at truancy. Whatever. 
I just found pictures from my little trip to park with my aunt, dad and little brother so i decided to share them  with you. I really like parks so these photos make me happy. Tomorrow is Father's Day so i should look for present for my dad but i haven't any idea what i should buy. The weather is so sad lately and i miss sun so much. Everything is complicated, i need a rest. Fortunately we'll go to school only for next  week. 


wouldn't you miss me at all?

Lots going on lately. Sad things, happy things and more sad things. I try to focus on the good things so this post will be short. The summer holidays are coming (only 10 days !) and i have a lot of plans with my friends and i am pretty excited. My driving course comes to an end (but cars still hate me). There is a new season of Pretty Little Liars which i love. I have few books to read from my friends. I also have some new clothes which is good thing because my wardrobe needs this. I haven't problems with sleep anymore. And i have the loveliest rabbit in the world ! Always look on the bright side of life (: 


Hungry hands turing soft and old

I have enormous headache, i'm lying in my bed and doing nothing cause of my state of health. I hope tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow we have Field Day in the primary school, which i attended when i was younger so i want to go, because i have good memories of this school (: In the evening my school mate has the 18 Birthday in the club. I don't know if i should go. You know, it will be a big event with concerts and stuff. Haha, something like 'my sweet 16-teen' just in the polish style. I like parties, but now I'm just tired and i think i'd rather sleep than dancing all night. I'm weird, indeed. 
On Saturday, in my friend's highschool there is 'adoption of animals' and we wanna go for this. I want to adopt a cat, but my parents didn't allow me to do this. I have a rabbit and even though i love her so much, i just wanna have one more animal to cuddle. I don't know it will be a cat or a dog, but i have to have a new furry companion. Sometimes i wish i lived in the country, because there are a lot of animals. 

This is Natka, i'm afraid that when i see her i'll fall in love with her and take her to my home. And then my parents will kill me... haha. 


I will let you down I will make you hurt


the lonely heart with the bleeding soul wants to live in your arms,

 Sometimes things are getting more complicated and then you realize that you're stuck. It's not easy to fight with our weaknesses so sometimes i give up which is pathetic. I didn't go to school because i feel out of sorts today. My parents and my brother went to Gdańsk so I am alone at home. I borrowed the pink t-shirt with a little bird on it from my mum's closet and i think it's quite lovely. I feel really save in it even though it sounds silly. I bought strawberries because they make everything better so now i am going to eat these little red fairies.


Ouch I have lost myself again

Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And the worst part there's no-one else to blame

Wow, i'm so sad lately. It is this kind of sorrow which turns into the huge pain. My face looks awful cause of my new medicine, my heart is broken, I do everything wrong and the weather is horrible. I am listening to the same song all day and I think it's beautiful song. 'Breathe me' is one of my best song and now it reflects my feelings. Today and tomorrow are days free from school so on Friday  I'm going to funfair with my friend so maybe my mood will be better. I don't know why but i love amusement parks, they're make me always happy. Now I'll take a bath and then i'll spend time with my brother and his girlfriend cause  they wanna visit us. 


Woke up and for the first time the animals were gone

Today is The Child's Day so I got some money from my family and I'll go for shopping someday (:

I though about my life, my health and my relationship to animals lately. And I decided to become a vegetarian. When I was younger I don't eat meat for a long time, but recently I started again and i think it's not ok, i don't feel good with eating meat. I'm happy because of my decission.

The weather is awful so my mood isn't the best right now.