Hungry hands turing soft and old

I have enormous headache, i'm lying in my bed and doing nothing cause of my state of health. I hope tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow we have Field Day in the primary school, which i attended when i was younger so i want to go, because i have good memories of this school (: In the evening my school mate has the 18 Birthday in the club. I don't know if i should go. You know, it will be a big event with concerts and stuff. Haha, something like 'my sweet 16-teen' just in the polish style. I like parties, but now I'm just tired and i think i'd rather sleep than dancing all night. I'm weird, indeed. 
On Saturday, in my friend's highschool there is 'adoption of animals' and we wanna go for this. I want to adopt a cat, but my parents didn't allow me to do this. I have a rabbit and even though i love her so much, i just wanna have one more animal to cuddle. I don't know it will be a cat or a dog, but i have to have a new furry companion. Sometimes i wish i lived in the country, because there are a lot of animals. 

This is Natka, i'm afraid that when i see her i'll fall in love with her and take her to my home. And then my parents will kill me... haha. 

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  1. Nice photos! That cat is just too cute! You should definitely adopt an animal :)

    xx Carina

  2. I love the third picture- and Natka is cute indeed.
    Thank you very much for your comment. To answer your question, I'm using a Nikon D90 :)

    Vicky | golden mirrors