Woke up and for the first time the animals were gone

Today is The Child's Day so I got some money from my family and I'll go for shopping someday (:

I though about my life, my health and my relationship to animals lately. And I decided to become a vegetarian. When I was younger I don't eat meat for a long time, but recently I started again and i think it's not ok, i don't feel good with eating meat. I'm happy because of my decission.

The weather is awful so my mood isn't the best right now. 

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  1. You have a Child's Day in Poland? (That's where you're from, right?) That's so neat! I love following your blog. :)

    1. Yes, i am from Poland and we have here, in Poland the Child's Day and it's really nice day :D

  2. Lovely photos as always, I love that you're eastern european and celebrate children's day too, I hope you had a lovely day despite the weather :) do let us know what you got yourself