'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,

Once upon a time there was a little sad girl who can find beauty in everything except herself. She liked wildflowers, rainy days, people with freckles, vintage scooters, boys with long hair, grandma's dresses, old books from dusty bookshelf, small wooden huts, messy hair, rusty jewelry, funny hats, cracked, lonely lips and eyes that saw everything. She always smiled at people to make their day better than her's day. She felt so lonely and she thought she deserved it. She was slowly dying with all her grief with hope for better tomorrow. However, she decided to fight with her weaknesses, fight for happinnes. She was fighting with monster in her had every day, she has never won, cause it's not easy to fight alone when you're just a little girl. She met a boy, lovely silly boy who loved silly things and he really liked her. He taught her laugh and enjoy life. Even though he was haggard, he exterminated the monster who was living in her head. Now she knows that she deserves happiness, everyone deserves it. 

Just a little tale for lonely souls, who need a helping hand. People (love) is the key of happiness. Remember that.  

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  1. mmmh, I like the old feeling of your blog. Your writing is quite good, so don´t stop, please.
    ...and thank you for your comment, too. :)
    (sorry for my English, it´s so bad)