So I had done wrong but you put me right

I found these old pics on my computer - i look happy on it and i like this dress so much. I watched 2 movies lately - ' Brave ' and ' Dark Shadows '. I love 'Brave', cause it was so funny. Today i am going to sign up for the driving exam and buy present for my friend for her 18 birthday. And i'm going to the cinema in the evening to see 'Yuma' - polish movie with very handsome actor, oh i can't wait. 
My dad bought me The Hunger games trilogy and i am really happy cause i love these books. 

7 komentarzy:

  1. these photos are so pretty!

    lindsey louise


  2. i love these pictures too! you look what summer should look like :) and i really want to go see "Brave", i heard awesome things about it. good luck on your exam, fingers crossed!

  3. aww cute pics!


  4. ojejciu! pewnie, że cię pamiętam, nawet nie wiesz jak się ciesze z tego, że wróciłaś!!!! brakowało mi Ciebie, baaaaardzo!
    ja niestety rzadko wchodzę na swojego bloga...o logowaniu już nie wspomnę, nie mam na niego pomysłu, ale na pewno go nie usunę, chcę go jakoś urozmaicić, kurcze miałam całe wakacje, a teraz maturka i eh eh, no nie wiem, coś muszę zaradzić, pisz do mnie, pisz kochana co u Ciebie słychać!

  5. You look so beautiful there :) Gorgeous <3
    I havent seen Brave, but ive seen dark shadows... i didnt think it was that great! haha

    I love the hugner games trilogy!! :) One of the best triliogys ive read :)

    Hope you're feeling better soon :)