You could be a hero - you might save a life

I cuddle strangers, i'm so weird. Today was really odd day. 
 Tomorrow my friend and  i are going to see ' Brave ' and i'm pretty excited. I have a lot of books and movies borrowed from my friends but i didn't have time for it. I was busy lately, everything was a little bit complicated, but now is ok and i can have time for people i love and me. My friend and I wanna go to Cracow - probably the most beautiful city in Poland and it's a shame but i've never been there. It's time for change (: And my family want to go Barcelona so maybe my holidays won't be as boring as i thought. 

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  1. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    follow eachother?



  2. oh wow you are so beautiful <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Oh such a cute bunny :) And you're pretty. Sounds like there are good times ahead. I've heard that Cracow is beautiful, at least I can assure you that Barcelona is a great city, as I've been there twice.
    Also thank you for your comment, i'll definitely start reading "Thanks for the memories" soon. I've read two books by Cecelia Ahern so far, this will be my third.

    Vicky | golden mirrors

  4. Is this your bunny? It's lovely too!
    I think bunny's are the most amazing pets!

  5. What a cute bunny! And your sheets. Actually, you are pretty adorable yourself! ;-) Lovely blog! xx