they would have liked me, 'cause sometimes i'm funny

Today my little brother, my bunny and I are in our garden, because the weather is nice. We are sitting on the grass and doing some funny things. My brother is the funniest person ever. He is wearing funny clothes and saying funny words. But sometimes I think my brother is smarter than me, now he is teaching me all capitals in the world because I'll have exam tomorrow. It's weird, he's only nine, but he knows everything. I'm proud of him, haha. And my bunny makes me happy, because she's doing something with her tail and this looks so cute. I had a lovely weekend. I visited my old friend and talking about everything with her, my another friend had 18 birthday so I went to the party and walked around the lake. 

Pictures were taken with webcam so it's not the best quality. 
And we have silly caps, i know (:

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  1. I think your bunny is so sweet (:
    And I like your background, with the little birds.
    Would you like to follow? xx

  2. Thanks a lot :) I love him to death. Ur bunny is supercute as well!
    Love the sing btw ;) nice blog!!

  3. lovely cap and top <3
    would you like to follow each other?