Cause The Heart Never Lies

Something in my head pretend to be my friend
importunate companion, who destroys everything good in me
just as water extinguishes a fire, so it wipes away my soul.
Little monster with pretty face, perfect skin and lovely voice
 who loves me to death in its possessive way 
I want you out of my head, but you are my friend.
The more I hate you, the more I want be with you
so please , leave me alone and then come back. 

I didn't sleep all night, I am sick and tired. Lots of thoughts in my head are killing me slowly. I tried to write something, but it's not good enough. 
I have some new applications in my phone so I use them in every way. Haha. Pictures were taken with my phone and I love the first one. Now I am going to watch some series.

6 komentarzy:

  1. hey margaret :3 coincidentally i was in the same situation last night :c i didn't sleep, then i watched a lot of movies and series drinking coffee/cocoa/capuccino/related hahahah. it's nice when you forget all your problems and thoughts which "kill you slowly" =/
    kisss =*

  2. cute Pictures, i love your bunny soooo sweet

    Love Storm

  3. i've always wanted to have a bunny but i have two cats in house and it is impossible :<

  4. adorables photos!