I'm gonna pick up the pieces, and build a lego house...


My winter holiday will be over soon. Tomorrow my family and I will go to Gdańsk - i really like this   city so i am looking forward to be there. 

Yesterday I ordered huge cage for my rabbit cause i think her cage is too small and maybe Emma isn't happy in it. I don't think keeping animals in cages is right. She runs free in the house more than 10 hours per day. But she is really active and I am afraid that she hurts when I won't keep half an eye on her. 

My mum gave me 2 headbands an i am in love with them. Aren't they cute?
My room is a mess and I should start cleaning. When I finish this, my friend and I will pick up photos from her very old camera which we took. I'm so excited because I love analog pictures.

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  1. beautiful pictures
    And your rabbit is so cute ;]

  2. lovely blog, great shirt

  3. yours are reeeeally beautiful as well!♥

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