Human skin, can be hard to live in.

Today I was on a walk with my friends and we had fun. But the weather is so cold. Now i feel a little sick.  My 18 birthday is for the month. I am planning my birthday party and I think it will be at the lake and I hope the weather will be better.  It is weird but I hate my birthdays. I don't like getting old. I wanna stay a kid forever. 

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  1. You are cute <3 It's okay to grow mature physically, just stay young in your heart. And take care, don't get sick :)

  2. aww thank you :) lovely pictures and blog! xx

  3. thanks for the lovely comment dear :) you're really adorable too ^^
    im following u, mind to follow back?

  4. awww so cute blog!


  5. thanks a lot :) i actually have it twice, the other one is with little flowers.

    turning 18 feels a bit weird, because you will be officially a grown-up, but don't be scared, in your heart and mind and behaviour you will stay as young as ever. writing this i realize, that i am scared of my 20th birthday, haha.

    i think i really like your blog, i will follow you now. :)

  6. Hey babe, love your blog! I was looking at someone else's blog and found you! If you want to follow for follow let me know in a comment! Mines www.elishayates.com