It takes an ocean not to break

Yesterdy I drove a car for the first time and I was pretty nervous. It is not as easy as i thought. Today I am also going for a car driving lesson and I hope nobody will suffer. 
I watched 'Eat Pry Love' and I think this film was pretty ok. My grandma is baking cake for Easter right now so at my home smell so nice. The weather is beautiful and i hope it will be lovely Easter. 

World is lovely when it's spring so i am happy and everyting makes me cheerful even though i have some problems. 

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  1. beautiful pictures, they make me feel very spring-like! xx

  2. I adore these pictures darling!congrats on your driving lesson.
    btw,following you now via gfc,mind to follow me back?Thanks,


  3. hi! thanks for visiting my blog :) I hope you enjoy easter despite the stuff, which is bothering you. It's true, in springtime, everything feels and tastes a bit better in life ;)