There is another world, There is a better world

Dear friend,

I don't know if you know my name, i don't remember if you asked me about it. I asked you, i always ask people about stuff. Dear Phillip.

I'm sick and depressed right now. When my mood isn't so good i always think about things which make me happy. But not today. Today i think about you and the night which i will never forget. I don't wanna sound pathetic but this night was special, i remember every single word, every touch and laugh.
I remember everything. I remember that my friend and i hadn't got any money so we broke in to the party at the beach. I didn't feel well, i ran away from the boy who wanted to dance with me. I wanted to leave that party, i pushed through the crowd and then... I saw you. You smiled at me and i stayed with you. I've never felt this way before. I felt like i knew you, like... we were together for a long time. Our bodies were very close, you looked into my eyes and we danced. We looked like we were a couple, it was like a perfect relationship. We hugged, kissed and sang. We left the party, walked a lot, talked about things with our poor english and then we went to your hotel.  You told me that there were 100 steps and you picked me up. I felt like in heaven. And then, in your hotel, we spent the most loveliest night in your bed, i remember the beating of your heart, conversation with you, your warmth and our clothes on the floor.

I wonder if you think about me sometimes. Sometimes i realy miss you, what we had was beautiful, but beautiful things only last for a moment.

PS You must be a special person, i was really drunk, but i remember everything.

Love, Margaret

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