Things make me happy

I just broke. Broke just like the mirror. Into little pieces that fell to the floor. And i need to pick myself up and give myself a chance at happiness. Again.

Today i went to school. I spent 6 days in my bed so i had to get a grip on myself. Getting out of bed may help.

Beautiful girl from this blog  inspired me to do my 'happy list' and even though i'm not happy right now i think it's a lovely idea.  Let's get it started.

1. Sea - i love the noise, the smell , the cold. One of the best place to rest. 

2. Bed - the safest place on Earth

3. Feeling loved 

3. Books you can't put down

4. Baggy sweaters

5. Hot tea

6. Making people smile

7. Songs that relate to you

8. Saying hello to strangers

9. The smell outside after rain

10. Thunderstorms

11. Holding hands

12. Kisses on the forehead

13. Silence that isn't awkward

14. Good morning texts

15. Really long goodbyes

16.  Animals

17. Forests

18. Taking pictures

19. Piano music

20. Silly faces

21. Art 

22. This 

23. Birdsongs

24.  Fireplace

25. Emma <3

6 komentarzy:

  1. Aww, I love your list!! Especially because it says a lot about you. It is romantic and sweet and funny too, just like I now imagine you are too!

    It also shows that you know how many amazing things surround you and are worth living for, so...why not to get up and enjoy them?
    Staying in bed, hiding are easy options for everybody, but you won't get anything from that.

    Whatever happened to you in the past, just LEAVE IT BEHIND YOU. What's gone is gone and won't be back. All you have to do is focus on the present and make the most out of it!
    Come on girl, pull yourself together, get up and get the happiness you deserve and is only waiting for you.

    Be strong and don't find any more excuses for not being happy.
    If you WANT to be happy, then BE.

    1. Thank you for everything. It's not easy leave it behind me, but i will try.

  2. awww, I loved this list :3 everything on it definitely makes me happy, and I hope it helped brighten your day too.


  3. I agree with all of them...lovely list,I wish you happiness.